TaylorMade Latest Gear 46 videos

TaylorMade’s premium M1 driver launched to great fanfare last autumn with its ultra-light part carbon composite crown freeing up weight to be used more effectively via two adjustable channels in the sole – a Front Track to vary lateral flight shape, and a Back Track to vary launch and spin characteristics.

When the M2 was added to the M family recently, it offered less adjustability, with only the hosel sleeve to tweak, but maximum distance and forgiveness courtesy of a Speed Pocket behind the face to keep ball speed up even on mishits, plus a fixed non-adjustable low, deep weight that offers stability and a high-launch, low-spin trajectory.

When 22-handicap reader, Lee Rowstron from Oakridge Golf Club, visited TaylorMade’s Performance Lab at Wentworth for a driver fitting recently, fitter Luke Peterken, quickly turned to the forgiveness and low spin of the M2 to help straighten out Lee’s fade/slice, with a shorter shaft one of the highly effective solutions…

TaylorMade fitter’s analysis

Lee’s natural shape is left-to-right which can become excessive at times. He has a 45¾in driver, which he tends to strike near the heel, so moving to a shorter shaft really helped.

Excessive backspin was another problem – around 3,300rpm – but by fitting Lee into the lighter-headed TaylorMade M2, with its composite technology and speed pocket, we reduced that down to the early to mid-2000s, unlocking more distance, more accuracy and greater consistency.

Lee Rowstron’s feedback: TaylorMade M2 driver fitting

My left-to-right fade becomes a slice on bad days, so I was hoping for a little more distance. Luke suggested the TaylorMade M2 with a 3-wood length shaft and more loft than my current driver, and that seriously reduced my spin rates.

Launch angle was better too, and my dispersion was significantly reduced as a result. The club looks great too, so with 15 more yards and much improved accuracy, I’m going away very happy.