TaylorMade Latest Gear 46 videos

Golf club design is a high-tech business these days, with brands constantly looking for new ways to push performance to the limits.

Last September, TaylorMade launched its new premium M1 driver, in which an ultra-light part carbon composite crown frees up weight to be optimally located elsewhere via the Front Track and Back Track channels in the sole.

The Front Track features a 15g weight that allows lateral flight shape to be varied from neutral to fade or draw biases. The Back Track features a 10g weight that can be moved to vary launch and spin settings from high to medium to low.

Recently, TaylorMade added the less expensive M2 model to the mix, in which the only adjustability is via the loft sleeve, with the Speed Pocket behind the face and a non-adjustable low, deep weight promising a high-launch, low-spin trajectory.

First to put the M family’s carbon composite technology to the fitting test for our new ‘Tech on Test’ feature with fitter, Luke Peterken, in TaylorMade’s Performance Lab at Wentworth was reader Jon Beckett, a 4-handicap golfer from Heaton Moor Golf Club in Cheshire…

TaylorMade fitter’s analysis

Jon’s driver had been performing well, but creating too much backspin. We started with a 10.5˚ TaylorMade M1 fitted with the same Aldila Rogue shaft as his current driver, and were almost there straightaway.

But a Kurokage 60 shaft with a slightly softer tip helped Jon keep the right-to-left shape that he liked, and gave him 4mph more ball speed. Carry distance was up by seven yards and total distance by around 15.

Jon Beckett’s feedback: TaylorMade M1 driver fitting

I like my current driver, but I know it spins a lot and is costing me distance. The TaylorMade M1 Luke fitted me for increased clubhead speed a fraction, and my overall distance by 16 yards.

We moved the front weight towards the toe to help prevent my draw becoming something more destructive, and the rear weight to the back for extra stability. I really like the look of the M1, and can’t wait to put it in play now back at my home club.