Ping G30 LS Tec driver Vs Ping G30 driver

A comparison between the Ping G30 LS Tec, Ping G30 and Ping SF Tec

Ping G30 v Ping G30 LS Tec

We compare the new Ping G30 LS Tec driver with the original Ping G30 driver

The Ping G30 LS Tec driver provides something never seen before in the Ping G range - a model designed specifically for players looking to reduce spin, often generated by faster than average swing speeds.

This type of driver previously came in the form of a Ping i model, the last being the Ping i25. The i driver models had always done a good the job of keeping spin down but in the past that has always meant the sacrifice of considerable forgiveness compared to its G counterpart. As a result many of the Ping tour players, who could have benefited from the Ping i low spin characteristics, stuck with the G head and controlled spin with the choice of shaft and loft setting.

The Ping G30 LS Tec driver clearly fits into the G category, with the same head shape and turbulators on the crown to improve aerodynamics and add distance. The big difference between the two is a centre of gravity that is slightly more forward in the LS Tec model to bring the spin down by up to 400 rpm.

Players looking for the ultimate in forgiveness are still likely to opt for the Ping G30 driver, particularly those with average and below average swing speeds. Impressively though, the LS Tec model offers lower spin, and clearly a lower flight, but without anywhere near the drop off in forgiveness seen in i models.

After testing all of the G30 models the SF Tec (draw bias) G30 remained the driver of choice for me. It has been in my bag all year and while the LS Tec provided my longest hit of the test, it couldn’t compare with the forgiveness of the standard G30 or SF Tec models. This was to be expected as my bad shot is a slice and my swing speed is far from quick, the LS Tec clearly wasn’t designed for me.

While this could have been predicted before testing, it was my colleague, Neil Tappin, who was clearly better suited to the LS Tec model. As you will see in our comparison video, with a considerably faster swing, the LS Tec offered longer drives without any loss of forgiveness. A fascinating comparison of different shafts, including differing lengths, showed the capability of the new head design. It offers spin characteristics similar the i25 driver but with forgiveness levels far nearer to the G30.

That combination means it should be on the test list for anyone looking to keep spin down off the tee without making major sacrifices in other performance categories. With the choice of three heads with clearly different performance characteristics, adjustability and an excellent and varied range of custom shaft offerings, the G30 driver line is the strongest ever from Ping, regardless of your swing and personal needs.

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