If you struggle with losing the ball to the right, you need to think about how to control the clubface to stop slicing drives.

One cause I often see among the players I coach is when the clubface opens at the top of the backswing – you can see if this is you as the toe of the club will be pointing straight at the ground when you reach the top. From this position, all you can really do is cut across the ball at impact hitting a weak slice that costs you both yards and accuracy. What I’m looking to help you with is to control the clubface to fix your slice.

Of course, it really helps to check that your grip is not to blame for causing your slice. But presuming your grip is ok a great drill designed to help you eradicate the move that’s causing this is to make some swings while holding a hanger. Hold the hanger within your normal grip as I have done here. Make sure it is in contact with the inside of your left forearm as you settle into your normal address position. your hands should be on the club in exactly the same way as usual – don’t alter your grip to allow for the hanger!

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Now make a normal backswing and stop at the top. If your wrists have cupped the hanger will have come away from the inside of your left forearm and the clubface will be open. To solve the issue, simply try to retain the contact between the hanger and your inside left forearm – the back of your left wrist will be flat at the top.

Repeat the swing as often as you can – in fact this is a great drill you can do at home. The more you repeat it the more you are likely to control the clubface to stop slicing drives.

Once you return to hitting balls for real, make some slow swings with a 9-iron or wedge to start with. Concentrate on rotating your body to help get the club in a good position at the top and when you feel happy that you’re succeeding, move up through the bag. If you can retain this feeling during the swing itself you should see stronger ball flights and straighter golf shots.