Swing Lab: Dissassociation Test

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Neil Plimmer, takes you through the importance of good rotation in your swing.

Disassociation test

Power in the golf swing largely comes from the way your upper body rotates against the resistance of your lower body. To highlight exactly what I mean by this I've placed an alignment stick through my belt buckle and held another across my shoulders. Notice how the one mirroring my hips only turns 45˚ where as my shoulders turn 90˚. This is the torque that creates speed through the downswing. Of course, you will need to be supple enough do this well but even if your body won't allow you to make a full turn, understand that your lower body needs to resist, creating the disassociation that will help you generate power. If you are unsure about whether your body is rotating correctly, use this drill to find out.

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