Pilates K has launched a series of classes that could help golfers achieve a more consistent, powerful and accurate golf swing.

The Golf Pilates Reformer exercise classes are designed to correct poor mechanics in golfers’ postural alignment and structure, and in turn improve their mobility and swing.

The classes break down the golf swing into phases seven phases: (1) address; (2) backswing; (3) transition; (4) downswing; (5) contact; (6) follow through and (7) finish. 

Golfers will be introduced to the reformer machine with an explanation on how the exercise relates to delivering energy to the golf ball.

Limitations in the body in terms of flexibility, muscular strength, endurance and power can all lead to limitations in the swing itself and trainer, James Arnold, aims to identify these in order to help clients develop core power and increase clubhead speed as a result.

Regardless of fitness level, after just one class, the experts at Pilates K believe all clients will leave feeling stronger and more flexible.

Pilates K are based opposite Liverpool Street Station, London, and offers 55-minute classes. For further information visit pilatesk.co.uk

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