Here the iconic coach gives his 5 keys to play better golf.

David Leadbetter – My 5 Keys To Better Golf

As CVs go, David Leadbetter’s takes some topping. He’s overseen 26 Major Championship victories and guided seven players to World No.1. Here he gives his five keys to better golf.

1 – Reduce tension

Tension is a common problem among amateurs and it hinders fluidity in the swing. You need to reduce tension specifically in the forearms, shoulders and neck area. Shake the arms out as you address the ball so you can relax. Too may amateurs grab on to the club like they are trying to strangle a snake.

2 – Grip the club correctly

I’d say 90% of amateurs grip the club incorrectly, specifically way too much in the palm. Any time you do this you create an enormous amount of tension and it doesn’t allow you to set or load the club correctly. A more relaxed grip where golfers can see at least two knuckles on the left hand is important.

3 – Complete the backswing

leadbetter 5 keys

Completing the backswing is crucial (Steve Wilson/Azalea)

If you don’t complete the backswing, you won’t have generated that coil and you’ll have to start down with your hands and arms. You want to load into your right leg, so you feel pressure in your right heel at the top of the backswing. That’s a signal for you to start your downswing. Also, make sure you really finish to the target.

4 – Takeaway is key

A good start, where you’re moving your navel and tummy button and synchronising with the hands, is important. What most people tend to do, some of it through tension or a poor grip, is take the club back with their hands and arms, which gets it in a bad position. The arms and hands should move together with the shoulders, chest and core.

5 – Maintain good posture

A lot of golfers tend to ‘sit down’ on their heels or bend forward on to their toes. You’ve got to put yourself in a balanced position as if you were a cricket slip catcher or receiving a serve in tennis – a slight knee flex, a good amount of forward bend from your hips and being well balanced between toes and heels.

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