Prak-tis Alignment Kits has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2019/20 list

Prak-tis Alignment Kits

Price: Up to £39.95

Tech Talk

The Prak-tis range of golf training aids has sliding features to help you achieve the perfect stance with each club. The tool comes with recommended zones to guide you on the correct distance to stand from the ball plus pointers on the optimum ball position, width of stance and foot angles. Prak-tis allows the player to calibrate their own blueprint for both long and short game. It’s also great for putting with a putting template and stance guide. It comes with two replica holes to practice distance control.

Options in the product range are: Prak-tis Consistent set-up, for use in practising tee to green; Prak-tis Putting Template and Perfect Putting kit for use on the practice green and the Prak-tis Pro Complete Kit for long game, short game and putting.

Game Booster

Alignment and set-up are fundamental to any player’s game, from the top professionals right down to beginners. Making sure you have the ball and feet positioned correctly allows you to start your swing, whether full or pitching, from the right point.

Made in the UK from recyclable polypropylene, this easily transportable set of practice tools could help you find greater consistency in your game by establishing a more reliable set-up.

The Consistent set up kit can be easily adjusted depending on the type of shot you are practising, and it will give you instant information on the optimum position for ball and feet.

The Perfect Putting kit allows you to check that backswing and follow through are on line and it allows you to carry out a range of drills at strategically placed holes.
This is an excellent practice tool that is great value for money and is highly simple to use. It gives you instant feedback on your stance and alignment and makes it very easy to correct any faults swiftly and effectively.