The PhiGolf Home Sim has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list

PhiGolf Home Sim

Price: £199.99

Tech Talk

PhiGolf is a multi-platform golf simulator that allows you to use your smartphone, and your own clubs, to play anywhere, anytime.

It comprises a portable swing sensor that allows you to analyse your swing on the app. It comes with a swing stick but attaches to the grip of any club and will measure your swing and transfer the data to an app that can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or any connected screen.

The sensor measures clubhead speed, tempo, attack angle, swing path, face angle and estimated carry distance. It will also provide a 3D view of the swing. This can then be analysed allowing you a much better understanding of your golf swing and to make changes if necessary. It will provide the data whether you are actually hitting balls or not. PhiGolf can also be used to analyse the line of your putting stroke.

There are seven game modes to liven up practice, including a stroke game where you can play a round on a virtual golf course, a nearest the hole and an approach game. You can also play an online multiplayer game with other golfers around the world.

Game Booster

A great thing about PhiGolf is how portable it is; it only weighs 10 grams and connects to your smartphone so you really can take it anywhere with you.

The information that PhiGolf can provide on your golf swing is useful in practice but where this device really comes into its own is with the game play modes. Play a round at Pebble Beach or take on friends in a nearest challenge – it’s impressive technology.

At 7 hours, the battery life of PhiGolf is excellent and it only takes 1.5 hours to charge. It’s a versatile and affordable alternative to a standard golf simulator.