Peak Performance Meadow Jacket has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2019/20 list

Peak Performance Meadow Jacket

Price: £90

Tech Talk

This is a supremely lightweight golf jacket that folds down to fit easily into any golf bag. It features impressive stretch qualities which ensure both an excellent fit and freedom of movement through the golf swing. The polyester used is also 100 per cent recycled, so it is doing its bit to help the planet. The jacket has a zip front with a chin-guard to protect against the elements. There are elastic tapes at the cuff and the bottom, again to seal you against bad weather.

The Meadow is wind-resistant and water-repellent and features a brushed jersey lining to keep you feeling ultra-comfy inside. There’s a small pocket at the back for storing tees, pencils and the like.

Game Booster

When the weather turns, it can be tough to keep your concentration and often, when a change of clothing is necessary, you can be thrown off your stride as the swing feels different. What you need in these circumstances is a jacket that doesn’t change the dynamic. The Peak Performance Meadow is perfect for this objective. It’s supremely lightweight and, although it won’t protect you fully in the harshest of conditions, in light rain and wind, it’s absolutely ideal. With stretch properties, you barely feel like you’re wearing it and it won’t hamper your swing. Elastic at cuff and bottom provide protection as does the chin guard.

Another excellent feature of this jacket is how minimal it is. It can be folded away into a tiny bundle that will fit into any golf bag and it won’t crease and wrinkle.

Available in four colours, it’s also a sleek and stylish garment that will give you a sporty look as you stride the fairways. At less than £100 RRP, the Meadow represents great value for money. It’s a quality product that will perform well in a variety of conditions.