The Motocaddy S7 Remote has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list thanks to its unique approach to trolley navigation

Motocaddy S7 Remote

Price – £799.99

Tech Talk

Motocaddy’s handset-controlled electric trolley is packed full of innovative features to make navigation easier.

This is partly achieved with the responsive dual-pressure control system, allowing users to alter how much the trolley turns by varying the pressure applied to the buttons on the handset.

Speed going forwards and backwards can be easily altered in the same way, and there’s a pause and resume feature too.

A 50-metre cut-out function also stops the trolley going out of range, plus a hibernation setting brings it to a halt if the remote hasn’t been touched for more than 45 seconds.

The S7 also incorporates a special mechanism that enables each of the two motors to help compensate for lateral slopes and maintain stability, while the anti-tip wheel and fully rotating front wheel contribute to its smooth running no matter how challenging the terrain becomes.

The rechargeable remote control Lithium handset, which can be recharged mid round courtesy of a USB port, fits neatly into an integrated holder on the underside of a soft-touch ergonomic handle.

Motocaddy’s Quikfold mechanism makes the S7 Remote simple to assemble, and when it’s up, it’s a stylish-looking model, more so with the streamlined battery tray to accommodate the Lithium battery and the distinctive branding on the frame in a Graphite colourway.

Game Booster

Whilst Motocaddy’s innovation over the years has delivered great success across its entire range, its designers have always listened to its customer base to bring about continuous improvements.

In the case of the S7, a number of useful functions combine to make it extremely easy to navigate. In many ways, golfers would prefer not to be talking about their trolley post round, the sign of an effective product – and this is what the S7 is, just a silent companion.

It’s easy to operate and while a certain amount of time is required to get to grips with the technology, it quickly becomes second nature. Thereafter, users will only find their playing experience enhanced.