The Golfstream Vision Electric Trolley has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list

Golfstream Vision Electric Trolley

Price: £449

Tech Talk

To combat the difficulty of reading a screen in direct sunlight, Golfstream’s Vision trolley comes with a revolutionary new Caddy White display so even in the brightest conditions, no straining of the eyes or shielding from the sun is required. It’s one of the standout features, although there are many others.

The one-click open and close mechanism makes it quick and easy to assemble. Its compact, too, and when folded down won’t take up a huge amount of room in the boot of your car. In addition, a magnetic latch holds the trolley together in the folded position to make carrying and transporting hassle-free.

The durable PU tyres and 200v whisper-quiet motor, meanwhile, combine to deliver a smooth and cushioned ride, keeping equipment and valuables well protected in all terrains, further aided by Golfstream’s side arms that ensure a firm fit and prevent any bag movement.

Navigation is made even easier with speed increments of 0.5 allowing users to match the trolley with their own preferred pace. This streamline, sleek design can be customised by choosing from one of five colours, and the main Caddy White screen can be personalised, too, with users able to enter their own details.

Game Booster

It’s the additional features and subtle design touches that set today’s best electric trolleys apart. Golfstream’s Vision makes problems with reading the screen a thing of the past, but it’s just one clever feature, albeit a significant one.

The one-click open and close mechanism makes it one of the simplest to use on the market and where trolleys are concerned, simplicity is vital in helping to achieve the basic objective of an electric trolley: reduce ‘fuss’ and enhance the overall playing experience. After three years in the making, this is a trolley that ticks an awful lot of boxes.