We’ve had a few more Ryder Cup related questions posted on the Golf Monthly forum. Here are some answers:

Basher: What has been the mood in the European camp after the first day? Is their still an upbeat feel of confidence, or heads starting to drop? Secondly, if you did see him before his first round, how was Oliver Wilson looking? Absolutely terrified or cool, calm and collected?

Fergus and I sat in on a press conference with Nick Faldo last night and he was obviously disappointed. As for the other players, I don’t know but the fact that Westwood and Garcia didn’t play this morning suggests that everything may not have been well.
We saw Oliver Wilson this morning and he looked in control. I think he has a tendency to get slower and slower when the pressure mounts and to be honest we certainly wasn’t quick. Fergus has just written an excellent blog about Oliver Wilson…

Viscount 17: Just how short is that ‘rough’? on some of the tv shots it looks no more than an inch.

The rough is nothing in comparison to what you usually see at the Masters and I expect the US Open and PGA. There are very few terrible places to be on this course so you can hit the ball almost anywhere and get away with it. The consensus in the media centre is that this favours the longer, wilder Americans. What it certainly dos do is add to the general level of excitement.

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