Titleist Vokey SM8 Slate Blue Wedge

We give our verdict on the Titleist Vokey SM8 Slate Blue Wedge

Golf Monthly Verdict

The SM8's continue to be the some of the best wedges on the market, with the slate blue only adding to the already great looks.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Fantastic performance. Easy controllability and adjustability with flight and distance. Great design and finish. Available in several options to suit game.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Bunker shots affected wear on face and sole.

We give our verdict on the Titleist Vokey SM8 slate blue wedge.

Titleist Vokey SM8 Slate Blue Wedge Review

Titleist Vokey wedges are some of the most recognised in golf, with many Tour players using them in their setup.

With the SM8, you can see why that is, with the wedge providing simply outstanding performance from all lies and conditions.

Titleist Vokey SM8 Blue

Featuring a centre of gravity that is pushed forward from the face, the SM8 certainly produced an extremely consistent strike.

Another positive was just how easy it was to control and adjust both the flight and the distance, with the Vokey offering exceptional feel capabilities.

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The reason as to why is due to the Titleist's fitting system. By answering a number of questions about your game, it will work out the loft, bounce, and grind you need.

With 23 loft, bounce, and grind options available, you are guaranteed to find the right fit.

Whilst having the choice of what finish you would like on your wedges, you can also customise them with WedgeWorks' stamping canvas, something that can make your wedges even more personal.

One last example of the Vokey's quality, is how durable it was with shots from the rough and fairway, with the finish barely being marked after a number of shots.

The finish on the Vokey involves an intensive process which is designed for extreme durability. A factor we could clearly see on the course, as well as on the range.

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If we were to find any negativity with the wedge, it would be shots from the sand, with the face and sole partially scratching and wearing with strikes.

Titleist Vokey SM8 Blue

Vokey face before and after

Titleist Vokey SM8 Blue

Vokey sole before and after

However, despite the slight marking, the Vokey held up very well, with the performance not being affected in any way.

Overall, the Vokey's still remain the best wedges out there, with the performance, looks and attention to detail of the SM8's completely unmatched.