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Clubhouse Golf

PING has added a new 64˚ model to the popular Tour-W range of wedges with a new
thin sole design. A tungsten weight in the toe of the club gives added
stability on any length of shot.

The PING Tour-W TS wedge should suit golfers who
want a wedge to cope
with fast greens and thick rough,
like to hit
high-flying chips and
are looking to add
some new options to their short-game armoury.


A useful addition for skilled wedge players who regularly compete on courses with tight fairways and firm greens. The 64˚ loft will likely be too much for anyone lacking confidence around the greens but it does offer a high-flying, quick-stopping option. The TS (thin sole) design means that when the face is opened there is bounce to help from rough or bunkers, but when sat squarely the leading edge still fits neatly in behind the ball. This means that the TS sole offers impressive versatility.