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Mizuno MP T-11 wedges


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The forged-steel heads in the Mizuno MP T-11 wedges have been made softer to help fight against the effect that the new groove rule has had on spin. Wider, shallower grooves are a feature on wedges between 56° & 64° to assist traction on shots where the ball cannot fully compress. Wedges with less loft have narrower, deeper grooves designed for fuller, squarer strikes.

These wedges will suit confident chippers wanting added versatility and players who like a classic teardrop head shape.

Lofts available – 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°, 64°

Finish options – White satin and black nickel



A beautiful-looking headshape that can be opened up or played square to produce impressive results. Plenty of spin despite the conforming grooves. Players lacking in confidence will be intimidated by the sharp leading edge and overall compact design of the head. The 360-grind that works so well on Mizuno's latest MP irons also excels here, allowing you to play a wide range of shots with confidence. Both finishes look superb and, when combined with a premium ball, the feel off the face is second to none. The less-lofted wedges produce an excellent flight that does not balloon on full shots. PGA Pro verdict Another top product from Mizuno. The beautiful finish and the fine milling across the whole face produced some great feel and spin on all types of shot. The teardrop head shape was good and the 56° model I tried was great from both the sand and turf. The strike was softer than I expected, but was a good feel, especially on tricky, delicate lob shots around the green (John Jacobs).