Honma T//World Wedge

Our verdict on the new Honma T//World wedge

Honma T//World Wedge
(Image credit: Tom Miles)
Golf Monthly Verdict

Honma’s T//World wedges are a worthy contender if your budget allows. The compact look, especially of the lower lofted options, will make them more appealing to better ball strikers. The consistency of flight in the lower lofts and versatility of the higher lofts were the outstanding elements to the performance.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Simple, clean aesthetics and impressive consistency on pitch shots. Plenty of loft and sole grind options.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    The lower lofted wedge has a compact look which some golfers may find intimidating.

Neil Tappin tests the Honma T//World Wedge on the course at Essendon and using a launch monitor to see if the performance matches the price-tag

Honma T//World Wedge

We tested the Honma T//World wedge in two different lofts, 52˚ and 58˚, on the golf course at Essendon and also using a SkyTrak launch monitor, hitting a series of full and half shots. 

Any golfer investing in new wedges will want something that looks sleek and premium. This wedge certainly fits the bill, the clean unfussy design and fairly compact head-shape creates an aspirational aesthetic that we liked. 

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If anything, the less lofted 52˚ head that we tested was slightly more compact than the 58˚ version. For those in search of forgiveness in their wedge game, this could make the lower lofted options a little too intimidating to look down on at address. 

Honma T//World wedge address

A view of the 58˚ wedge that Neil test at address

During our launch monitor testing of the 52˚ wedge, we were struck by how consistent the ball flights were. Full shots had a mid trajectory and there was no sign of the flight ballooning into the wind - something we noticed on the course too. 

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For the 50-yard pitch with the 52˚ wedge, we averaged an impressive 6337 rpm of spin. What’s more, this spin number was very consistent - the lowest spinning shot was 5848rpm and the highest spinning shot was 6895 rpm.

The 58˚ wedge that we tested has the Honma C-Sole design. While it also had 12˚ of bounce, the sole design means that you can play an array of different shots with ease. We particularly liked the way it got through the sand in the bunkers and thicker rough around the greens. 

Honma T//World wedge chip

(Image credit: Tom Miles)

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As with other premium brands, Honma offer a range of lofts and three different sole designs. This means that you might well be able to find better performance if you go through a wedge fitting. In our experience, matching the sole design with your technique can make a big difference to your striking and if you can get your gapping right, there are gains to be had.