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Cobra Trusty Rusty wedges


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A redesign of a classic, the Cobra Trusty Rusty wedges come in three finishes: all-over pre-rusted, satin with pre-rusted hitting area and black PVD. Each features a non-plated finish that is 7% softer than chrome. Higher bounce in the centre of the sole with relief in the heel and toe aids performance on all types of shot.

Cobra Trusty Rusty wedges will suit anyone who likes the glare-reducing rusty look.

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The Cobra Trusty Rusty wedges are impressive on full shots, with plenty of spin. A longer grip is a bonus on chip shots. The head design and black shaft make the Cobra Trusty Rusty wedges look quite fussy. PGA Pro verdict All the pros in store liked the way the Cobra Trusty Rusty wedges sat, with its unique appearance and black shaft. Performance was excellent from all conditions with just the right amount of spin. Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach John Jacobs