PowaKaddy FW7s GPS Electric Trolley Review - Golf Monthly technical editor Joel Tadman reviews the new PowaKaddy FW7s GPS trolley model

Product Overview

Overall rating:

PowaKaddy FW7s GPS Electric Trolley


  • GPS distances seemed accurate and updated quickly. Reliable, simple to get set up and was sturdy across sloping terrain.


  • The screen wasn't especially readable in sunlight. Confusion over hazard info in certain situations.


PowaKaddy FW7s GPS Electric Trolley


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PowaKaddy FW7s GPS Electric Trolley Review

Aimed at

This trolley is aimed at serious golfers who want access to features as well fast and accurate distances all in one place.

Key technology

GPS technology is built in to the handle’s intelligent, 3.5” digital screen. It delivering front, middle and back distances on over 35,000 golf courses worldwide as well as distances to hazards without the need to use an external device. There’s also a built-in scorecard, USB charging port, calorie counter and adjustable distance control function.

The FW7s GPS saves every round you enter to build a performance history and even reacts to your final score by displaying different emojis. PowaKaddy’s Plug’n’Play avoids any fiddly wires or connectors and is one of the lightest and thinnest on the market.

powakaddy FW7s-GPS-frame

How we tested

We gave the FW7s GPS a run out over the PGA National course at the Belfry having been clued up on all the features and how to access and use them.


The GPS distances were quick to update in open areas and stacked up against on-course markers. They were a little slower to do so in wooded areas. The hazard info proved useful, as did the on-board scorecard and shot measurement feature.

powakaddy FW7s-GPS-scorecard

Ease of Use

Once you’ve entered your details and chosen settings, it only takes a few seconds to get going. Some of the features requires different button presses and combinations, so be sure to read the instruction manual before using it for the first time.

The hazard info at the touch of a button helps plan your strategy, although it can be confusing if there are hazards a similar distance away on both sides of the fairway or green as the display doesn’t specify which is left or right. While the screen is large, it wasn’t as easy to read as it could have been in bright sunlight, although most of the time it was fine and it’s large size made viewing the information and entering your score much easier.


Given the volume of cutting-edge features available, the FW7s GPS trolley is surprisingly faff free. Getting set up is simpler than you would expect and while a read of the instruction manual is a must before play, they soon become familiar. It’s great to have everything built into the handle without having to worry about using and pairing a separate device and all the other Freeway favourite features, like adjustable distance control, Plug ‘N’ Play battery and the sturdy and stylish chassis and are included as a bonus.