PowaKaddy Compact C2i Electric Trolley Review - Our gear guru tests the latest compact-folding electric trolley from PowaKaddy

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PowaKaddy Compact C2i Electric Trolley


  • Folds down very small in two relatively simple moves with a bit of practice. Nice level of useful features, plus the frame is sturdy and reliable.


  • Having to adjust the handle height with a screwdriver (not included) is an inconvenience.


PowaKaddy Compact C2i Electric Trolley


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PowaKaddy Compact C2i Electric Trolley Review

This electric trolley is aimed at golfers who are short on space but still want a feature-packed and reliable electric trolley.

Key technology
PowaKaddy’s Simple-2-Fold mechanism means the Compact C2i can be set up and packed away in two simple folds. New for 2018 is a 2.8” mid-size full-colour widescreen. It also includes a USB charging port and a soft-touch handle, which can adjust to three different heights, and an integrated carry handle for easier transportation.


With a few moving parts, it takes time to master the assembly process but, with practice, it can be erected in a matter of seconds and folded down with the battery still in situ, saving time when taking it home from the course after the round.

The compact size when folded is its main sell, but the Automatic Distance Control and battery meter displayed on the snazzy colour screen are useful additions, as are the tee, ball and pencil holders.


The Compact C2i leaves lots of spare space in the car boot

The Compact C2i saves a significant amount of space at home and in transit to and from the course. The assembly process is made easier by the parts you need to unclip being yellow; the order in which they work soon becomes second nature. The Plug ‘n’ Play battery is lightweight, slides in easily and can last 36 holes on flat courses with a relatively light bag. Having to adjust the handle height with a screwdriver is a bit of an inconvenience, but for taller golfers it is worth doing.

The colour screen is cutting edge and easy to read in different light conditions, while the handle features are practical and allow all your golfing paraphernalia that you need during a round to be stored in one place.


This trolley is ideal for golfers who want useful features on a sturdy, reliable, space-saving electric model. The assembly process soon becomes second nature and the space it saves leaves room for other items in your car boot and allows it to be stored in a tighter space at home.