We review the Jucad Drive SL Travel eX 2.0 Electric Trolley which costs £3,686 but does the performance justify the price tag?

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Jucad Drive SL Travel eX 2.0 Electric Trolley


  • Elegant, minimalist styling and clever, robust frame design. Fairly easy to assemble, transport and store in small spaces. Remote function worked seamlessly.


  • Perhaps lacking the level of features you may expect for the price. Not the easiest to operate, exterior battery cable looks untidy.


Jucad Drive SL Travel eX 2.0 Electric Trolley

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Clubhouse Golf

Jucad Drive SL Travel eX 2.0 Electric Trolley Review

Electric golf trolleys are one of the most expensive purchases a golfer makes, alongside a set of irons. Typically, one will cost you around £700 but what do you get from a trolley that costs over five times that?

We were the first in the UK to test the Jucad Drive SL Travel eX 2.0 electric trolley, which all in costs £3,686. It is the top spec trolley Jucad power trolley – handcrafted in Germany, made from titanium and the eX package includes the remote control and transport bag.


The list of features is long, as you would expect, but where this trolley sets itself apart is the design of the frame – both in terms of how it is assembled and where the electronics are housed.

The trolley actually breaks down into multiple parts, which means it takes up less space in transit than most other trolleys and the pieces can be moved around to cater for the space available. It also gives golfers the option to pack the various parts in a golf travel bag, or the one included in the eX package, to be taken abroad to use as the trolley and battery together weighs just 7.2kg.


Yes, it takes a little more time to assemble than a conventional electric trolley, but the process is fairly simple to master.

With the electronics housed within the axle of the frame itself, the Jucad has a clean, minimalist look. Along with the satin finish, it certainly has the premium aesthetics you would expect.


The battery is actually stored in your bag and connects to the trolley via an external cable that slots into a magnetic socket. This admittedly looks a little untidy and while the battery is compact and lightweight (1.3kg) it takes up room in your bag that you might need for other items. The pocket also needs to remain open for the cable to come out, so any other items stored in the pocket may get wet if it rains, although we’re told the battery is sufficiently water resistant.

To minimuse cable visibility, JuCad golf bags actually have a special back pocket designed especially to house the JuCad battery, so this might be an option to consider if you want a cleaner look.

The bungee straps are especially tight, making them quite difficult to fasten and undo, but they keep the bag fixed firmly in place so it doesn’t wobble or twist during the course of a round.

A rotary controller near the handle selects the three modes of Drive, Reverse and Neutral. Simply turn the stepless dial on the handle to move forwards, the more you turn it the faster the trolley will travel.


We often turned the dial the wrong way and not knowing the speed the trolley was set to was a little disconcerting, but we soon got the hang of it. We also tended to alter the speed accidentally when changing direction, such is the sensitivity of the dial.

You also have the option of controlling the trolley using the remote control, which worked very well. It also provides access to the automatic distance function, setting the trolley off 10, 20 or 30m, which seems a little redundant but this feature can also be activated using the speed regulator button on the side of the trolley.

Jucad Electric Trolley Review

The handle height is adjustable on a much larger range than most other electric trolleys, ideal for especially tall or short golfers.

We really enjoyed using the Jucad and think it looks great. Some may want more bells and whistles to be visible or a greater level of features for the investment made, while others will prefer the subtle, elegant design. It was very sturdy across the terrain and the wheels offered decent grip.


It’s tough to justify the super-premium price but it comes with a lot of useful add-ons and features and is truly unique in its ability to be broken down and repacked for use abroad. It also comes in a wide range of colours and there are plenty of accessories available too.