In this review, Matt Cradock puts the Golfstream Express Push Trolley through its paces out on the course.

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Golfstream Express Push Trolley


  • Incredibly lightweight. Easy and quick set up process. Bag stays secure whilst out on the course. Minimalistic, premium frame design.


  • Takes up a lot of room once flat. No locking device so unfolds easily if not lifted in a certain way.


Golfstream Express Push Trolley


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Golfstream Express Push Trolley Review

There is an awful lot to like about this Express push trolley; the simplistic looks, the weight (or lack of it) and the ease of assembling it.

It is so lightweight (3.9kg) you can literally pick it up with one finger but the most impressive feature is how easy it is to set up, with a patented one-touch folding mechanism ensuring it goes from flat to functional in a matter of seconds.

Golfstream Vision Push Trolley

Once set up, you are then gifted with Golfstream’s anti bag-twist design, which holds your bag in place at two points on the main frame without perching on the central beam.

The result is you can put any type of bag on it securely and won’t have to readjust it throughout the round, saving the frustration of having to twist it back to neutral to access certain pockets.

Golfstream Vision Push Trolley

Many other trolleys tend to have added storage for scorecards, tees etc on the handle console, but the Express doesn’t have this as standard, which was a little disappointing. However, it does feature an accessory station and Vision accessories like the scorecard and drink holders are available as an add on, coming in at £20 and £15 respectively.

Golfstream Vision Push Trolley

You can also customise the trolley by adding different coloured wheels, which is a nice touch, but this is another £20 on top.

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Whilst the set up process was extremely intuitive, the trolley would often unfold itself while lifting it out of the car unless you hold a specific part.

Golfstream Express Push Trolley

It would be great if the Express clicked into place securely so it would remain flat when transporting it – perhaps this is something that could be added on to future models.

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When it is completely folded the trolley is very flat but also rather long, measuring in at nearly three-foot, so, although it will fit in the boot of most cars, the clubs will have to be laid on top of it. If your car boot is quite small, you will likely have to put the back seats down for it to lay flat since it’s unlikely to fit in sideways.

Golfstream Express Push trolley

Overall, the Express is a simple and effective push trolley. It’s footprint when folded down may be a concern for some but for those wanting a stylish, simple and reliable push trolley the Golfstream Express undoubtedly offers that.

Golfstream Express Push Trolley Review


An extremely lightweight trolley that has an incredibly quick and impressive set up procedure. It would benefit from a locking device to keep the trolley secure when picking it up when folded. Limited value for money given the minimalistic design..