Skechers Go Golf Elite V.3 Approach RF Shoe Review - We test this new wallet-friendly spikeless pair of shoes from Skechers out on the golf course.

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Skechers Go Golf Elite V.3 Approach RF Shoe


  • Very soft and comfortable, can easily be worn for 36 holes. Variety of traction elements provide ample grip, even in wet conditions.


  • Styling is a little bland, no white colourway available.


Skechers Go Golf Elite V.3 Approach RF Shoe


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Skechers Go Golf Elite V.3 Approach RF Shoe Review

This shoe is aimed at golfers seeking spikeless comfort and performance at an affordable price.

Key technology
This waterproof shoe features an all-new spikeless-designed traction outsole for stability on the course. The RF stands for Relaxed Fit and it combines a leather and woven fabric upper. It also features Skechers’ H2GO Shield to keep the elements at bay and a low-drop design to keep your foot low to the ground in a neutral position. Finally, a Dynamic Traction Plate aids in the quick removal of dirt.

The styling of these shoes is modern but fairly basic, with not many design features or flashes to catch your eye besides the unique outsole design. No white colour option limits the appeal in terms of matching your outfits.

This shoe certainly offers a roomier fit than most golf shoes on the market, which should suit those with wider feet but be sure to check first before parting with your cash. The feel is pleasingly soft out of the box, especially underfoot and around the ankle.

The soft feeling your feet no doubt comes from the responsive 5Gen cushioning, which does genuinely give you a spring in your step, while the variety of outsole nubs, some of which are quite sharp to the touch, combine to provide ample grip from a spikeless shoe, even in the wet conditions we tested in.

The mesh section ensures the flex point at the base of your toes doesn’t permanently crease, meaning it will look like new for longer than an all-leather shoe. The silk-like feel of the laces is a nice touch, as is the perforation detail on the upper.


Skechers’ appeal comes down to comfort at an affordable price and it delivers on that again here. It might lack eye-catching features, but it offers an awful lot of appealing elements, especially around comfort and grip while also being lightweight. If you’ve got an outfit to go with the navy, grey or black colour options, it is certainly a spikeless option worth considering in 2019.