Puma GS-Fast Golf Shoe Review - From concrete to the course here’s how PUMA is revolutionizing golf fashion

In this review, Ed Carruthers gets his hands on the brand new GS-Fast Golf Shoe from Puma.

PUMA GS-Fast Golf Shoe Review pictured on grass with outsole
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Golf Monthly Verdict

A fantastic golf shoe for anyone looking to bring a bit of individuality to the course. Blending urban streetwear styles with golf, PUMA has developed a versatile golf shoe that provides fantastic comfort and support to your feet and ankles. The GS-Fast is an excellent summer golf sneaker that will get heads turning both on and off the course.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Unique styling

  • +

    Excellent comfort and support

  • +

    Offers decent grip on the ground

  • +

    Easy to clean

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Style may not be to everyone's tastes

  • -

    Not the best for ventilation

Puma GS-Fast Golf Shoe Review

It’s interesting to see how styles and trends in the golf apparel space have evolved over the past 20 years. More and more manufacturers are departing from the traditional styles associated with golf and are instead choosing to experiment with contemporary trends and technology to produce some innovative clothing and footwear. One brand that regularly manages to dazzle with its styles is Puma.

Let’s quickly acknowledge that PUMA has always been a frontrunner when designing trendy and functional athletic wear that incorporates a range of performance-enhancing technology, especially when it comes to footwear. In fact, Puma claims (opens in new tab) it designed the first ever ‘smart shoe’ back in the 1980s, when they released the RS-Computer, a running shoe that featured a small computer chip built into its sole that provided athletes with data on how they could run faster. 

Puma GS-Fast Golf Shoes

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Since then, the brand has continued to innovate on the chunky RS sneaker style conceived in the 80s, blending in new styles from the early noughties and modern streetwear fashion to develop sneakers like the RS-X, RS-X3, and the RS-2K. In recent years, Puma has brought that legacy to the golf market, releasing the Puma RS-G Golf Shoes (opens in new tab), which caught a lot of attention when they first dropped back in 2021. But Puma has now updated that design and released the latest addition to its comprehensive range of shoes (opens in new tab), the GS-Fast Golf Shoe, a sneaker that embodies modern streetwear fashion. 

Admittedly these shoes will not be everyone’s cup of tea, as we found when we surveyed the Golf Monthly team on their thoughts on the very similar RS-G shoes (opens in new tab). While the GS-Fast is designed for golf, they are a statement shoe and if wearing bold sneakers is your thing, then you’ll be comforted in the knowledge that these looked the part both on the course and in social settings. They come in three different colorways, but we thought the all-white color was the best and could add a fresh look to any outfit. 

So how did they perform on the course?

I took these shoes for a spin at the Pyrford Lakes Golf Club in Surrey on a drizzly September afternoon and was pleasantly surprised with how much traction they delivered off the ground. I was initially concerned about the level of grip the GS-Fast could provide as I generally prefer to play in spiked golf shoes. It is worth noting that this shoe is better suited for summer golf, as its rubber spikes aren’t as pronounced as some of the other best-spiked shoes on the market (opens in new tab). But overall they performed pretty well on soft autumnal terrain. 

Puma GS-Fast golf shoes in white on a golf tee

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During my round, I noticed that the shoe’s spikes got clogged with mud quite easily and I had to brush them down a couple of times, which revealed the cool ‘GOLF’ logo featured on the sole. That aside, they are a very well-designed pair of golf sneakers (opens in new tab) that are completely waterproof and easy to clean. This is thanks to the seam-sealed microfibre leather upper and TPU skin, which can be easily wiped down after your round. 

One of the highlights of the GS-Fast was how comfortable they were. I often get sore feet on the golf course when I wear shoes that don’t offer enough support around the heel but the GS-Fast were excellent in that regard. The shoe’s chunky sole provides most of the comfort, delivering a level of cushioning that you’ll only find in some of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market (opens in new tab)

The insole is also strategically padded with a small cushion in the middle of the heel, which was a nice touch that combined well with a TPU heel plate to add an extra spring to our step. And those who regularly suffer from heel blisters are also well-catered for, as the GS-Fast features a soft mesh interior lining that wraps securely around your ankles and achilles. 

Puma GS-Fast Golf Shoe

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As for the fit, the GS-Fast boasts quite a wide sole, making them an excellent pair of shoes for players with broad feet (opens in new tab). But, as they are so well padded in pretty much all areas, they do feel quite chunky on your feet and didn’t offer the best level of ventilation. While that is a trade-off that many of the best shoes for comfort have, what really does set these shoes apart is their style and versatility. Having tested these shoes, it is clear that PUMA has thought long and hard about designing a functional yet stylish sneaker that pushes at the boundaries of golf fashion. If you like to make a statement on the course, then this is definitely the right shoe for you. 

Ed has been playing golf for as long as he can remember and is obsessive about the sport. Being regularly sought after by family members and friends for advice on what equipment to buy, Ed now uses his background, having written extensively on golf gear in the past, to produce equipment orientated content for Golf Monthly.  

He graduated with a Masters in Law with Medicine from the University of Liverpool in 2017 and is currently in the process of obtaining his NCTJ Sports Journalism Diploma with the Press Association. 

Ed has written for a variety of media outlets over the years and has interviewed some big names in sport, including a British and Irish Lion, ATP Tour tennis players, and a Premier League football manager. He has also worked on some huge sporting events, including the 2021 Australian Open and is also a massive Australian rules football fan. 

When he’s not watching the AFL or the golf in his spare time, you’ll likely find him heading out for a round at one of his local golf clubs in Surrey, and was, up until recently, a member at the Leatherhead Golf Club.