Adidas Tour360 XT Twin Boa Shoe

Our verdict on the unique dual-dial boa shoe concept from adidas

aAdidas Tour360 XT Twin Boa Shoe Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

We really enjoyed what the dual boa system offered in terms of fit and how that translated into performance. Based on our testing, it’s worth considering the extra £20 investment if you’re looking for a sporty performance golf shoe that is stable and comfortable in equal measure.

Reasons to buy
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    The dual-dial design certainly enhances the fit, which in turn boosts the performance and comfort. Exceptional grip and support.

Reasons to avoid
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    Quite a raised up feeling from the ground and busy look. Those unfamiliar with boa lacing may struggle with the concept initially.

Adidas Tour360 XT Twin Boa Shoe Review - This unique golf shoe features two boa dials on the side but do they enhance the user experience?

Adidas Tour360 XT Twin Boa Shoe Review

The Adidas Tour360 XT Twin Boa shoe is one of the more unique and intriguing cleated shoe designs on the market and we were keen to see if the concept added anything extra to the user experience.

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The dual Boa dial system is simple to operate. Pull them out to loosen, pull the shoe open, slide your feet in, push the dials back in and then twist to tighten them the appropriate amount.

The process is arguably quicker and involves marginally less faff than traditional laces, although there isn’t much in it.


Tightening them both fully gives you that complete locked-in feel while still feeling comfortable to walk in. You limit the chance of the foot moving about inside, which provides a stronger connection with the ground and reduces the risk of blisters forming.

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We really like how the second lower dial creates a more snug feeling in the vamp section where most golf shoes can be overly roomy. It crucially does this while maintaining space for the toes to move and not feel pinched in.

The other thing that’s great about the separate mid-foot dial is that you can create room by not tightening it as much if you have wide feet.


As with the other Tour360 XT offerings, you do feel quite high off the ground when you factor in the cleated outsole, but the Boost cushioning that you are raised up on does enhance the comfort and genuinely provides a spring in your step.

Looking down on the shoes when worn, there is quite a lot going on. That said, adidas has done a good job of making the technology as subtle as possible to minimize distractions by making all the details white, include the Boa dials, lacing and upper wrap sections. Factor in the clean toe section of the upper and it creates a neutral style that can be worn with multiple outfits.

The grip from the outsole is superb and the shoes strike a nice balance of providing a stable footing during the swing while also being flexible in key areas to ensure you’re not thinking about them when walking between shots. They're waterproof and I don't think you lose anything from the fact the uppers are synthetic rather than real leather. In fact, it was hard to tell the difference here and there is no 'wearing in' required.