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JPX EZ Forged irons: 10 point test report


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1) Shelf appeal – the dark head and orange graphics represent a big departure for Mizuno. Even previous Mizuno sets that slotted into the forgiving end of the market were still understated in colour and design. This look promises to appeal to those who hadn’t previously considered the brand.

2) Address view – although the top line is thicker than any Mizuno MP offering, ?it isn’t as wide as many midsize head ?designs. As with the Wilson Staff M3 irons ?we reviewed in last month’s issue, the black finish looks great behind the ball.   


3) Shaft options – the stock steel shaft is the True Temper XP 105, which should produce a controlled flight with a high initial launch. The graphite option is the Fujikura Orochi – a lightweight shaft designed to increase swing speed.

4) Grip Golf Pride’s M-31 feels slightly firmer than its Tour Velvet design, but the grip and durability are both excellent.


5) Construction – to deliver a consistent, ?soft sound and feel, the heads have ?been Grain Flow Forged from a single piece ?of mild carbon steel. The multi-thickness ?face is designed to help players produce maximum ball speeds.

6) Head design – an undercut cavity is combined with a deep centre of gravity to offer a high launch and extra forgiveness.


7) Feel – if you stood next to someone hitting this set, the sound alone would give you the impression it was an MP model. This is further enhanced by the feel, which is one ?of the silkiest on offer from a midsize set.

8) Flight – interestingly, despite the stronger lofts, the flight is higher than the brand’s MP-54 set. The long irons, in particular, are extremely easy to launch high in the air, which will appeal to those who struggle in this area.   

9) Distance control – expect these to be noticeably longer than all other previous Mizuno sets. The distance on offer from the middle of the face is very similar to the larger heads in the standard JPX EZ set.

10) Forgiveness – the heads are more forgiving than the more compact Mizuno MP-54s, but the JPX EZ will offer greater forgiveness for those who need ?plenty of help when hitting irons.



PGA pro verdict: I really enjoyed using these clubs, as they were forgiving, powerful and consistent. I particularly liked the short irons, as they gave great feel, control and spin. Having a Grain Flowed Forged iron with this amount of forgiveness was a great combination, and one that I would appreciate using more often. By Top 25 Coach John Jacobs Test team rating: Performance: 5/5 Visual appeal: 4.5/5 Innovation: 4/5 Value: 4/5 Overall: 4.5/5