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  • This putter is well engineered and generates an excellent roll.


Rossa Monza Corza


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Clubhouse Golf

Satin finish with ?titallium? face insert and moveable weight technology. The unique face grooves on the Rossa Monza Corza are designed to promote forward spin and a truer roll. The anti-skid groove system uses polymer-filled grooves to dampen vibration and so improve feel of the face. The distribution of weight in the head is adjustable by up to 24g courtesy of two interchangeable weight plugs in its rear.


With a great feel and generating an excellent roll from the polymer face this is a solid and well engineered putter. Aesthetically it's unusual but if you can get past this it's well worth considering. It's not a great looker, particularly from above, but it produces a lovely stroke with putts rolling out nicely. A good perfomer.