Odyssey DFX 1 Pistol Putter

We assess the performance on offer in this Odyssey DFX 1 Pistol Putter review

Odyssey DFX 1 Pistol Putter Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

An excellent option for the many blade lovers out there. Superb feel and sound off the soft DFX insert and offers a really nice visual when over the ball. Does feel a little head-heavy in the hands but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Looks brilliant, with excellent feel off the face. A perfect option for blade lovers looking to save a few pounds.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Feels a little head-heavy and we would've preferred a thicker stock grip.

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We assess the performance on offer in this Odyssey DFX 1 Pistol Putter review

Odyssey DFX 1 Pistol Putter Review

Putters don’t come much more classic-looking than a blade. For all that brands are able to cram more performance into larger-headed models, many golfers still prefer this old-school look and feel.

With that in mind, we put Odyssey’s DFX 1 Pistol to the test to see how it stacked up against not just the best blade putters (opens in new tab) available, but the best putters (opens in new tab) on the market full stop.

Odyssey DFX #1 Pistol Putter

The premium black finish looks incredible

Upon first inspection, we were immediately taken by the aesthetics on offer. The matte all-black finish provides a great visual, which is a performance attribute some still take for granted. If you don’t like the look of what you’re staring down at, you can bet you’ll suffer on the greens. 

There is also an alignment aid that is an essential for many - if not most - golfers out there. It is a little short in that it only covers the topline of the blade, but it's clear enough that it shouldn't be lacking compared to other options.

A down-the-line shot showing the plumber-neck hosel

During testing, we did notice there were a couple of things that weren’t to our liking. For example, the plumber-neck hosel, while a classic favoured by many, isn’t our favourite shape. And the thin pistol grip that comes as standard is in contrast to the chunkier one we’re used to. As a result, we found it took some time to adjust. 

The all-important feel off the face can’t be faulted, however. As mentioned in the Odyssey DFX 2-Ball OS review, the insert is even softer than the renowned White Hot version and we really felt this at work. 

Odyssey DFX 1 Pistol Putter Review

Andy Wright putting Odyssey's DFX 1 putter through its paces at Royal Troon

Once we got the hang of how hard to hit putts of varying lengths, we enjoyed the feedback given on impact and the roll we were able to produce consistently. The noise created is almost dull-sounding, which is also quite nice and adds to the feel aspect.

Unlike the 2-Ball, which is the same weight, this gives the impression that more of the weight resides in the putter head, skewing the balance slightly from what would be our preference. For many, though, we expect this will be a plus point. 

A final look at the stunning Odyssey DFX 1 Pistol putter in all its glory

In our case, it made it feel a little less stable than other models we’ve tested. Overall, though, it is a superb putter that will undoubtedly be a hit with many golfers for whom it sets up perfectly. 

In particular, the look of the premium black finish and feel off the face are stunning, something we’ve come to expect from Odyssey. So, if you’re in the market for a new blade, you’d be foolish not to consider the DFX 1 Pistol.