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Method Midnight 007 putter


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Clubhouse Golf


1) Head options: available in three new head shapes and shaft designs. These are the 006 (compact blade), 007 (centre-shafted compact blade) and 008 (compact mallet). They have already been used on tour.

2) Grip: there are a wide variety of grip options to choose from that vary in size, firmness and tackiness. The standard grip is the Golf Pride Method Tour Tradition, which is flat fronted, feels soft in the hands, and provides plenty of feedback.


3) Face design: Polymetal Groove Technology is designed to generate a forward roll almost immediately after impact. This should prevent bouncing and skidding, and, as a result, improve distance control.

4) Head design: the lightweight grooves also mean that weight is saved in and behind the face of the putter. This weight is redistributed to the heel and toe of the head to improve forgiveness and deliver the face square at impact.


5) Shelf appeal: a new dark chrome finish gives a high-quality look that works well with the distinctive groove design to make Method putters instantly recognisable. The success of the Method design on tour means that many will be attracted to the range.

6) Address view: the dark finish looks beautiful at address and the smooth lines on the back of the head give the putter a high-quality appearance. The grooves are visible at address, giving a confidence boost that the ball will roll smoothly.


7) Feel: the Method putters offer the best feel of any Nike design ever released. The feel is soft, but because the ball rolls so nicely you don’t feel as if you have to hit it any harder. It’s a combination that few putters achieve and it works very effectively.

8) Roll: this is where any Method design really impresses. Even on slightly bumpy greens the ball comes off the face consistently. The strength of the roll is superb, ideal for year-round golf in the UK.

9) Forgiveness: these traditional head designs won’t mask major stroke flaws, and there are other high moment of inertia Method models that are more forgiving. Instead, the compact heads will offer superb results for those with a consistent stroke.

10) Distance control: Because the design helps to improve consistency, you should find that the Method Midnight produces good distance control. The ball might roll out further than you’re used to, but it doesn’t take long to adjust.



PGA pro verdict: "This centre-shafted model looks very neat at address and was easy to line up. It’s beautifully weighted and I particularly liked the feel it provided. The groove design helped to produce a pure roll. The appearance might be a bit too flashy for some, but I think it rivals many of the top models out there." - Top 25 Coach John Jacobs. Test Team Rating: Performance: 4/5 Visual appeal: 4/5 Innovation: 4/5 Value: 4/5 Overall: 4/5