After testing it out on the course, we give our verdict on the Evnroll ER8v mallet putter

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Evnroll ER8v Putter


  • Exceptional feel and balance and enjoyed the look of the square-back mallet design.


  • It is one of the more expensive putter models on the market.


Evnroll ER8v Putter


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Evnroll ER8v Putter Review

There have never been more options when it comes to the flatstick, which is just as well because it’s such an important aspect of the game.

That sounds obvious to say, but golfers underestimate how much of an impact putting can have on the rest of your game. If you are confident on the greens, it can really free you up tee-to-green.

In a short space of time, Evnroll has quickly become known for producing some of the best putters on the market and we recently put a model from its new V-Series, the ER8v, to the test.

How we tested the Evnroll ER8v putter?

We first got our hands on the Evnroll ER8v ahead of a round at Essendon Golf Club. At a course we’d never played before using a new putter, the odds weren’t stacked in our favour. However, there’s no doubt it excelled.

We’ve since had it out on Royal Troon on a number of occasions as we wrestle with the idea of putting it in the bag permanently. This has allowed us to form an in-depth opinion based on factors such as looks, feel, quality of roll, balance and value.

Andy Wright lining up a putt at Essendon Golf Club with his Evnroll ER8v in hand

Evnroll ER8v putter: Our results

Although we tend to favour blade putters, the look of the square-back design proved really appealing. As well as the shape, the classy silver satin finish and black alignment line made us feel confident over every putt.

Even on greens that varied in terms of slope and smoothness, we holed more than our fair share compared to playing partners. 

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This is also thanks, in no small part, to the feel off the CNC-milled face. It’s on the soft side, which allowed us to be a little more aggressive and made it easy to judge the pace on longer putts. Additionally, the grooves in the centre meant it was easy to get the ball rolling early and minimise the effects of bumpy surfaces. 

Moving away from the head, another aspect of this putter that made it enjoyable to test and difficult to ignore as a permanent addition to the bag, was the balance. In making its V-series, which consists of six different head shapes that each come with four hosel options, Evnroll used a Quintic Ball Roll putting analysis system to fit each unique model to different grip weights and shaft options.

The reason for this is to ensure that each golfer is able to optimise the offset and toe hang that matches their stroke arc. 

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The four different hosel options on the ER8v

We used the 35-inch model and found that to be the perfect set-up, but for those who prefer something a little shorter, it is also available in 33 and 34 inches. And from the four hosel options available – short and long slant, and short and long plumber necks – we had the short plumber neck. For anyone with a slight arc to their stroke, like us, this is ideal. 

At the top end, the 90-gram Evnroll TourTac white grip was excellent. Thick enough to take the hands out of the stroke somewhat, but not too thick that it was uncomfortable

And to top it off, golfers keen to go down this route and who know their specs, can take advantage of the wide variety of custom options available when it comes to the shaft, lie angle and grip. Admittedly on the expensive side, there’s no denying the quality on offer. 


An excellent putter that comprehensively ticks all the performance boxes. If money is no object then we would highly recommend.