Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter

Kit Alexander tests the Evnroll ER10 Outback putter out on the course to see how it looks and performs

Golf Monthly Verdict

The Evnroll ER10 Outback is a cleverly designed putter that makes it very easy to square the face at address and impact and rolls the ball with impressive consistency and accuracy. The large head size is well hidden by the colours and it feels incredibly soft off the face at impact.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Incredibly forgiving in terms of distance consistency and accuracy. Seems easy to square up naturally at address and impact.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Slower than average speed off the face and soft feel might be too extreme for some used to slower greens.

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Kit Alexander tests the Evnroll ER10 Outback putter out on the course to see how it looks and performs

Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter Review

Evnroll burst onto the scene in early 2015. One of its co-founders, Guerin Rife, is a well-established putter designer and the key behind the new brand was the face technology that he’d developed.

The ER10 Outback is the largest mallet in the Evnroll 2020 range that carries over into 2021, designed to be ultra-forgiving and it’s easy to see where that forgiveness comes from because it has a very large footprint at address.

Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter

The black front section is made from aluminium and the silver rear wing is made from stainless steel, which shifts a lot of the weight back away from the face to improve the stability and forgiveness.

That colour combination is very clever because your eyes focus on the black parts at address, so it looks like a fang design and appears smaller than it actually is. The two long, white alignment lines make it very easy to get the ball in the centre and square the face.

This is helped by the two dots near the face that also assist in getting your eye position correctly over the ball at address.

Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter

The Sweet Face Technology features a unique milling pattern that imparts progressively more energy into the ball the further off-centre you hit it - essentially equalising distance - and also helps to redirect the ball back to the centre.

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There’s no denying that this is a very consistent and accurate putter, so it appears to work. It’s also worth noting that some other putter manufacturers have adopted similar face designs in recent years.

The face also makes it feel really soft at impact, which is a lovely feeling and it works brilliantly on fast greens. However, you may feel like you have to give the ball a bit more of a hit to get the momentum you need on slower greens.

Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter

We tested this model with an Evnroll Gravity Grip 1.0, which is deeper than it is wide and has a flat face, all of which added to the feeling that it was easy to square the putter at impact. The unorthadox shape and feel won't be for everyone, but there are more options available in the 2021 Evnroll putter range.

Kit Alexander

Kit Alexander is a golf broadcaster and journalist who commentates and presents for the DP World Tour, PGA EuroPro Tour and Rose Ladies Series. He has over 15 years’ experience of magazine and television work in the golf industry and is a regular contributor to Golf Monthly.