2017 Odyssey O-Works Putters Review - Golf Monthly's 2017 Odyssey O-Works Putters Review filmed at Red Tail Golf Club outside Orlando, Florida

Product Overview

Overall rating:

2017 Odyssey O-Works Putters


  • Excellent balance of a soft feel and ball speed from the face that also gets the ball rolling end over end quickly. Contrasting alignment system helps aim the face more easily.


  • Stitching on the back of the stock SuperStroke grip won't be to everyone's taste


2017 Odyssey O-Works Putters


Price as reviewed:

£179.00 (2-ball £199)

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2017 Odyssey O-Works Putters Review

The Odyssey O-Works putter range is for those who require as much help as possible in aligning the putter face as well as a mid-to-soft feel.

Key Technology

Odyssey says its new Microhinge insert technology will help golfers’ ball stay on line more often from different strike locations on the clubface. It does this via increasing topspin thanks to an Elastomer insert that is co-moulded with a new stainless steel Microhinge surface with the individual hinges flexing on impact, lifting the ball to produce a better roll.


New and improved high contrast Versa Alignment Technology with a red highlight line is said to improve alignment. The range comes in nine head shapes, four blades and five mallets, plus tank versions in a blade and mallet.

How we tested

We tried a number of different head shapes, including the #1, #7, R-Line and 2-ball, assessing how easy it was to align the clubface to the target, how consistent the ball rolled from different strike points on the face and also judged the feel, sound and weighting of the putters.


The contrast between the black and white sections combined with the red sightlines highlights the face angle more prominently than any other putter on the market.


The newest 2-ball iteration reverts to having flanges on either side of the double white ball alignment system, which contrasts sharply with the black outer sections. It’s arguably going to help more golfers with their aim, ball striking and creating a more neutral stroke path.


We would suggest the range has a mid-to-soft feel, certainly not too soft, while feel of face and distance control is helped by the Superstroke grip option although not everyone will enjoy the grip’s stitching running down the back.

The overall sensation off the face is a quieter, more subtle and duller hit. It’s not too soft, a common criticism of previous Odyssey putters, and in fact has a good balance of feel and ball speed.

Odyssey Works 2017 Putters Revealed


While you can’t see the Micro-hinge technology working, the ball certainly does seem to hug the ground nice and early, rolling end over end and staying on line even when you miss the centre of the face.

Overall appeal

The first thing to admire is the range of head shapes included in the line. Whether you prefer a compact blade or the trusty 2-ball (£199), you’ll find a tour-proven head shape to suit your eye and stroke that will also be simple to align. The mid-to-soft feel will match up with the majority of ball types while the topspin the face applied from all ranges of putt was exceptional.

The 2-ball is one of the most popular putter shapes of all time is sure to help those who need help striking their putts better and there’s enough forgiveness along with the excellent roll qualities to improve your short game for under £200.


All the putters in the comprehensive range have a premium look and feel to them, from the grip right down to the perimeter weighting for stability and notable performance from the Microhinge insert. You should find your distance control and holing out from short range will improve with a bit of practice.