In this Sureshot Pinloc 5000 IPS Laser Rangefinder review, Joel Tadman takes it out on course to test all of the features it has to offer.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Sureshot Pinloc 5000 IPS Laser Rangefinder


  • Clear and bright display. Yardage stays on display for 15 seconds after zapping the pin.


  • Gold trim is a bit tacky.


Sureshot Pinloc 5000 IPS Laser Rangefinder


Price as reviewed:


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Sureshot Pinloc 5000 IPS Laser Rangefinder Review

A lower price doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality when it comes to laser rangefinders in golf, and the Sureshot Pinloc 5000 IPS laser rangefinder has a lot to offer golfers despite its relatively low price.

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The overall user experience on this device is fantastic and it feels sturdy and well made in your hand with the yardages being quick to find and very accurate overall.

This is the top of the range model in the Sureshot range and so it features pulse technology that let’s you know when you’re locked on to the pin.


We found the Pinloc 5000 IPS was very good at locating the pin and not getting distracted by trees or any other parts of the environment behind the hole. This also made it very quick at picking up the yardage we were after.

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The stand out element of this laser rangefinder is its display. It’s one of the clearest we’ve tested this year and the graphics in the view stand out really clearly from the environment around you.

A really cool feature is that, when you have zapped the pin for the yardage, the number stays on the display for 15 seconds after.

On most other laser rangefinders, this number disappears immediately and we found the number staying on the screen for 15 seconds allowed us to quickly check again when we inevitably forgot the number once we went to our bag to pick a club out.

It has slope functionality too – a must-have feature on laser rangefinders these days – which can be easily turned on and off with a well placed button underneath the eyepiece.

It has plenty of other features too, with a useful scan mode allowing you to scan the entire terrain and the distance around you for instant yardage of hazards.

While we think aesthetically that the gold trim doesn’t do much for the premium look, this is a solid feeling, quick and fuss-free laser rangefinder that packs quite the punch for its price.


Proof that laser rangefinders can be feature packed without being excessively expensive. With a really good display and plenty of features on offer, including slope and scan, this laser rangefinder offers very good value.