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714 AP1 irons


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Clubhouse Golf

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Titleist engineers say that the 714 AP1 irons are the longest and most forgiving set ever made by the brand. The multi-material, dual-cavity design is aimed at players who want maximum distance, forgiveness and a solid feel. A progressive centre of gravity produces the optimum flight for each club as well as offering a strong feel.

Will suit… anyone wanting added control and distance through the set.


GM verdict: Before 2008, a set of Titleist irons aimed at serious but improving golfers with mid to high handicaps didn't really exist, so it's incredible the progress the brand has made with the AP1. The new 714 version is much improved compared to the original version. They're now more forgiving and longer through the whole set, all the while maintaining a classic Titleist look that is both simple and elegant at address and in the bag. But... the AP2 irons felt just as forgiving, and come with sleeker heads and a softer feel. PGA pro verdict: These irons looked and felt great. They had a refined appearance at address, but had all the benefits you'd expect from a forgiving AP1 model. All the irons were easy to use, and they didn't lose any of their visual appeal through the bag. They gave a soft, yet solid, feel at impact, and were probably five to ten yards longer than I'd expected. I felt very confident when using these during practice on the range, and was able to move up and down the set without any noticeable drop in performance. These irons are outstanding, and will suit a wide range of players. The AP1s are definitely worth adding to your test list. Test team rating: Performance: 4.5/5 Visual appeal: 4/5 Innovation: 4/5 Value: 4/5 Overall: 4.5/5