Mizuno MP Fli-Hi Utility

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A reivew of the Mizuno MP Fli-Hi Utility

Mizuno MP Fli-Hi Utility
Golf Monthly Verdict

One of the best looking long-iron replacements around. Not as forgiving as some of the chunky heads but far more versatile with a lower, penetrating flight. The lack of offset will appeal to the better ball striker and those who have never found a hybrid club that works for them.

The Mizuno MP Fli-Hi Utility is designed to work as a direct replacement for a long iron and to fit with any set of MP irons. The offset and bounce have been reduced to improve workability. The thin face is plasma welded to the body for increased distance. The hollow construction helps control flight. The Mizuno MP Fli-Hi Utility should suit golfers who want an iron-style hybrid, like a lower flight than some long-iron replacements, and hit a lot of hybrid clubs left.

W: mizuno.eu (opens in new tab)

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