The Golf Monthly team brings you its SkyCaddie Aire II review, revealing all you need to know about this golf GPS device

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SkyCaddie Aire II


  • A great choice if you want an unobtrusive GPS device that gives you easy-to-digest yardages. If you don’t like wearing a watch when playing then this will clip on your belt or fit in your pocket without distracting. If you want added information, such as the shape of greens or distances to hazards, you can unlock these by paying for one of the SkyCaddie subscriptions. As with all SkyCaddie models, the information has been mapped on foot to ensure accuracy.


  • The look and styling is reminiscent of models from a number of years ago. In order to unlock some data, extra costs are involved but this type of model works best when showing stripped-back information.


SkyCaddie Aire II review


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Key technology: SkyCaddie Aire II review

This entry-level SkyCaddie model now shows front, back and middle distances which are based on the angle of your approach, a feature which wasn’t on the original AIRE. Designed to automatically recognise which course and hole you are on. Added extras include a digital scorecard function, distance measurement odometer, calorie counter and distance tracker.


There is so much variety available in the GPS market and SkyCaddie has devices at both ends of the scale. It is very clear what type of golfer the AIRE II model will suit. It is perfect for those looking for green information who don’t want to go to any extra effort to get those yardages. If you have been sceptical of GPS devices in the past then this is a great entry model that will give you the perfect alternative to using yardage markers on the course, and will actually speed up your play compared to the old method.