Our gear expert tests some Ping product and gives his i25 fairway wood and hybrid review

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Ping i25 fairway and hybrid


Ping i25 fairway wood and hybrid review


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£220.00 (RRP - fairway)

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Above, our gear expert tests some Ping product and gives his i25 fairway wood and hybrid review.

i25 fairway wood:

The 17-4 stainless steel i25 woods now have a taller face and lower centre of gravity to increase ball speed and help reduce spin for added distance.

The taller face also enlarges the hitting area increasing confidence of the tee.

The patented race stripes help with alignment, adjustable lofts customize fitting and the first-of-its-kind PWR shaft family optimizes the trajectory and feel. The racing stripes also help assist in setup consistency.

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Ping i25 hybrid gallery

You can add or subtract half a degree of loft to the 14 ° or 15°, and 18° heads using Ping’s Trajectory Tuning Technology, helping increase launch angle and spin rate.

Ping’s proprietary PWR shafts (55g, 65g, 75g) in the i25 fairway woods vary in stiffness profile, allowing club-weight to change, but swing-weight to stay the same.

The lighter shafts will help to hit the ball higher and reduce fade-type misses, whereas the heavier versions help lower trajectory and reduce draw-type misses.

This i25 fairway is incredibly versatile from tee to green and can be adjusted to adapt to the course’s condition.

Ping i25 hybrids:

The i25 hybrids combine the look of an iron with the performance and reliability of a hybrid. The compressed profile and straight lead edge make the clubs closer to an iron, enabling more ease with aim and control.

With a narrow head and squared off toe, the head design promotes better turf interaction and solid contact from all conditions.

A more-forward hosel axis than a traditional hybrid promotes a high-launch and low-spin trajectory for maximizing distance.

The PWR shaft family includes 80- and 90-gram weight versions, with six options spread across four flexes.

The i25 hybrid combines a classic, traditional shape with modern technology to create an aesthetically-pleasing product packed full of performance benefits.

Ping’s i25 hybrids come in 17, 19, 22 and 26-degree models with an RRP of £185.

The hybrids and fairway woods went on sale in February 2014