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TaylorMade R9 SuperDeep driver


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Clubhouse Golf

A driver made specifically for powerful players with fast swing speeds. The clubhead is the deepest that TaylorMade has ever made and the head is more compact from heel to toe compared to other TaylorMade drivers. The head is workable and helps to reduce spin. Movable weight technology and shaft adjustability allow shot shape and flight to be manipulated.   

The TaylorMade R9 SuperDeep driver will suit players with fast swing speeds who tend to launch the ball too high, with too much spin and/or those who like to commit to an aggressive strike.


For those with faster swing speeds, this is a must try. The flight is superb - high enough to eat up the yards, but strong enough not to be blown off course. The simple shape and black face will appeal to any traditionalist in the market for 
a new driver. (Reviewed by GM's Neil Tappin) Superb flight, impressive distance, powerful feel and compact head combine to make this a great driver. The hefty price tag is backed up by a superb performance, but there are other drivers that offer similar benefits without making such a dent in your wallet. PGA Pro verdict The deep clubface makes the club look a little smaller than most and has a very traditional shape behind the ball. I found that because the clubhead was quite deep I had to tee the ball up high to strike it out of the top of the club. When I did this the ball flight had very little backspin and was very long! This head combined with the tour-quality Aldila RIP shaft creates an excellent driver. (Reviewed by John Jacobs)