Speedline Super LS driver

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Golf Monthly Senior Staff Writer Paul O'Hagan test the Adams Speedline Super LS driver

Adams Speedline Super LS
Golf Monthly Verdict

PGA pro verdict: The Speedline Super LS driver is powerful, yet forgiving, and I was able to shape ball flight. The Velocity Slot Technology increases the sweet spot, which was very noticeable on off-centre strikes. The option to adjust the length of the club was an interesting addition, and fun to experiment with on the range - By Top 25 Coach John Jacobs Test team rating: Performance: 4.5/5 Visual appeal: 4/5 Innovation: 5/5 Value: 4/5 Overall: 4.5/5

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1) Address view - a great-looking head shape sits superbly behind the ball. The white head and grey graphics aren't distracting in the slightest, and the contrast with the black face makes it easy to set the club square.

2) Shelf appeal - the overall head design is modern, yet understated, particularly compared to its futuristic Super S stablemate. It's a look that will appeal to lots of golfers.


3) Stock shafts - the 60-gram Mitsubishi Kuro Kage shaft is designed to be powerful, but also provide plenty of feedback. Combined with the LS head, it minimises spin and produces plenty of roll.

4) Adjustability - the FASTfit system offers the ability to adjust loft, face angle, swing weight and even length - by adding a 0.5-inch tip on to the club. Changing the club is a little more complicated than some, but there are plenty of settings available.


5) Construction - the centre of gravity is positioned very low and back in the head, which helps to make this Adams' lowest-spinning driver ever. A deep face ensures the launch is still high, though.

6) Face design - this is the first time Adams has used Velocity Slot Technology in a driver. The slot in the sole of the club, behind the face, is deeper in the heel and toe to increase the sweet spot across the face.


7) Feel - while the Super S offers slightly more forgiveness, the LS provides plenty of feedback on where the ball has left the face. Off the middle, it sounds fantastic - powerful, without being too loud.

8) Flight - The difference in flight between the LS and S heads, set at the same loft, is significant. The S hits the ball higher, while the LS offers far more control for those with medium to fast swing speeds.

9) Distance - This is one of the longest drivers we've tested recently. Find the right setting, and it produces fantastic results from the middle of the club.

10) Forgiveness - The Super S version will provide more consistency for those with an erratic driving game. The Velocity Slot Technology means shots that come off the bottom of the face still produce impressive results.

Paul joined Golf Monthly in 2006 in a junior role and has since worked as senior staff writer and now as technical editor. He writes equipment and instruction content and tests the vast majority of golf clubs that are introduced every year.