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Ping G20 driver


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An external weight in the back of the head of the Ping G20 driver is designed to produce a high launch and optimal spin. Compared to the G15 the Ping G20 features a larger face to provide added forgiveness. The head is made from a light, high density Ti811 alloy that allows for additional weight to increase MOI.

The Ping G20 will suit anyone who wants a neutral sitting head that is forgiving and/or those wanting to upgrade their G2, G5 or G10.

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This is an evolution of the G15 rather than a complete overhaul. The impact sound is more powerful and the larger head and face are confidence inspiring. It is only when you compare the G20 to the G5 and G2 that you realise how much this family has advanced. The head is much more forgiving than older models. With the right shaft this will suit almost all standards of golfer. The finish looks excellent and is combined with a powerful impact sound. The new TFC 169D Tour shaft gives a decent added stock option for those looking to keep their spin down. Those with a G15 won't see enormous advances in performance. Ping's driver performance has developed a strong reputation and the G20 will only add to that. A fixed head keeps this driver simple and straightforward. The head, although mass has increased, feels the same weight as a standard driver, due to the shaft being lighter. I really liked the feel of this driver along with the yardage. It was also extremely easy to use. (John Jacobs, Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach)