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Cobra Long Tom

Cobra Long Tom driver
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The curved face of the Cobra Long Tom does its job well here and shots slightly above or below the centre of the face still flew impressive distances. The ball flew on a powerful arc that produced plenty of distance. This is an all-out distance driver and shots from the middle fly a long way. Compared to drivers of a standard length and weights this was around five yards longer when struck sweetly. The added distance on offer does come with a sacrifice in control. Those needing added forgiveness off the tee should try Cobra’s new ZL Encore, which is more forgiving. Cobra's Long Tom is loud and powerful, this will add to the feeling of added distance. It is a unique noise you will either love or hate. Mishits still sound powerful which boosts confidence. PGA Pro Verdict This 48-inch beast really did deliver. I gained probably 20 yards and without the need to force it, and it really didn’t compromise accuracy. It’s ultra-light shaft and shortened grip really felt great, even though it took some getting used to initially. There are also a whole host of technical features, which all add to the enjoyment of this excellent driver. Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach John Jacobs

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The stock shaft of the Cobra Long Tom is 48 inches long. This is the maximum length allowed by The R&A. At 4ft it is designed to help increase swing speed and improve distance as a result.

The Cobra Long Tom is fitted with a Winn Ultra Light Shorty grip. Made from the same material as Winn Light Grips, it is shorter to save weight. Cobra says you shouldn't need to choke down on the Long Tom.

A thin Titanium alloy face allows 20 grams of weight to be redistributed in the head. This means the centre of gravity is moved lower and deeper in the head to help produce the optimal launch.

The Cobra Long Tom driver has an elliptical face that has a new bulge and roll design. The curved face decreases the launch angle for excessive spin (low shots) and increases the launch angle for a shortage of spin (high shots).

The Long Tom adopts a stylish all-black look. The black head, shaft and grip create a look that has been well thought out and the results are impressive. It will catch the eye of many on the shelf.

The rounded crown features a dark look speckled with grey and a matt alignment area that runs into the face. This is a winning combination, which looks great behind the ball at address.


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