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Cobra Bio Cell + driver review


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Clubhouse Golf

Key technology:

Designed to offer a lower launch and less spin than the standard version to suit faster swingers. The crown is made from a very light material so that the centre of gravity can be moved lower. The head can be set in eight positions between eight and 11 degrees, including three draw settings, while the SmartPad sole allows the face to sit square at any loft.

Will suit: Accomplished players looking 
to minimise spin.


GM verdict:The BiO CELL + sits at the opposite end of the Cobra 
driver line-up to the Baffler XL model we tested last month. The ball flight is more penetrating than both the Baffler and the standard BiO CELL offerings, 
but this has been achieved without the loss of too much forgiveness. The crown design 
– white combined with a choice of five colours – is extreme even by Cobra standards, but it gives 
you a clear focus point at address. The adjustability on offer is very easy to understand and implement.But... if your swing isn’t quicker than average, then you’ll probably struggle to find the optimum launch with this version. The standard BiO CELL model will 
produce better results. PGA pro verdict:This Cobra model gave me great ball speeds and impressive launch conditions at impact. It produced some very long drives, with considerably more carry than most. The eight loft settings were easy to adjust and the face remained square, thanks to the clever SmartPad sole. lt’s a driver packed with technology and modern materials that delivers both performance and looks for players with reasonably quick swing speeds.Test team ranking: Performance: 4/5Visual appeal: 3.5/5Innovation: 4/5Value: 4/5Overall: 4/5