The Golf Monthly test team reviews the Benross RIP Speed 2 driver, part of a Speed 2 Range featuring RIP, Max and Hot product lines

Product Overview


Benross RIP Speed 2 driver


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1) Shaft options – Quality components are at the heart of Benross’ new Speed 2 range. This includes the shaft offering, which helps to keep spin to a minimum for faster-than-average swing speeds, without making ball flight too low. The Aldila ATX Tour Blue 65 is available in regular, stiff or X flexes as a custom build.

2) Grip – The classy components continue in the form of the Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound grip, which comes as standard. The blend of feedback and grip is outstanding, and it’s a design that works in all conditions. The grip and shaft combination make this driver fantastic value.


3) Head design – The 450cc head is designed to be workable without sacrificing too much forgiveness. Weight is positioned so as to prevent the ball from ballooning when hit by those with quicker-than-average swing speeds.

4) Adjustability – Rather than offering a head that can be altered, Benross has three different Speed 2 models – RIP, MAX and HOT.


5) Shelf appeal – Sole graphics catch the eye without being over the top, while the grip and shaft combination will appeal to many.

6) Address – Undoubtedly the best-looking driver head the Benross designers have produced. The head sits square, and the shape manages to look compact behind the ball without being intimidating.


7) Flight – Compared to the brand’s MAX and HOT drivers, spin is considerably reduced. The 10 degrees of loft still produces a pleasing, powerful ball flight, that will suit the eye of anyone with a quicker-than-average swing speed.

8) Distance – The distance on offer is very impressive, thanks to the powerful ball flight, reduced spin and a decent amount of roll. Those with slower swing speeds will benefit from trying the other models in the Speed 2 range.

9) Forgiveness – Although not as forgiving as the MAX and HOT models, because
of the more compact head, the shaft and head combination produce consistent results. It’s definitely worth trying all three models to find the perfect blend of head, loft and shaft for your game.

10) Impact sound – Very solid and powerful, a note that many players will appreciate. The sound is noticeably different from the centre of the face, offering plenty of feedback.


PGA pro verdict As with many Benross products, this caught the eye, thanks to its high-quality finish and premium components. The sole design looks fantastic, and the performance on test matched the initial positive impression. Its design gives it a traditional look at address, and at impact the RIP Speed 2 has a very solid feel, producing a piercing, powerful trajectory. It was also very playable and forgiving, and I just wanted to keep using it - By Top 25 Coach John Jacobs