Srixon Soft Feel Brite Golf Ball

Our verdict on the colourful Soft Feel Brite golf balls from Srixon

Srixon Soft Feel Brite Golf Ball Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

Overall we'd say the Soft Feel Brite balls are easier to track in flight than the traditional white ball and are a great option if you want to add some personality to your golf bag at a reasonable price given the performance on offer for the slower-swing-speed player.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Feels soft on all shots and aids distance for slower swingers. Bright colours will be easier to track through the air for most golfers.

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Scuffs more easily than we'd have liked

In this Srixon Soft Feel Brite golf ball review, we test it out on the golf course to see if the bright colours on offer could assist our experience

Srixon Soft Feel Brite Golf Ball Review

The Srixon Soft Feel Brite golf ball is designed to aid those with a slow swing speed who want to launch the ball higher.

To these golfers, our testing showed that it delivers on what it promises: improved distance, higher launch and reduced sidespin.


Srixon has a lot of experience and success with this type of ball - this is its 12th generation of Soft Feel ball and claim this is its longest to date.

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Our below-average swing speed got the most out of this ball, achieving competitive distance (helped by relatively low spin) while being able to control the direction too.

Many a golfer will be attracted to a ball which goes far and straight. But this is a low compression two-piece ionomer mid-market ball aimed at the mid-handicap player.


So if you are a low handicapper you may wish for more spin around the greens than this - which you can get from its urethane covered options like the Q-Star Tour or the tour-played Srixon Z-Star.

That said, the softer and thinner cover on this 12th generation ball does provide a decent level of greenside spin and softer feel when you strike pitches and chips cleanly.

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But if your way of stopping the ball on the green relies more of a soft landing from a shot which descends from the heavens, you are this ball’s target market.

For this reason, many a golfer will find it easier to hold the green with approach shots with this golf ball.


It does feel appreciably softer than other balls of this type that we have tried which takes some adjusting to, especially its quietness at the point of strike.

One downside is the ball’s durability. A couple of visits to a bunker resulted in some prominent scuff marks, which was a little disappointing.

Of course, a big talking point is the bright colours available and the matte finish each one possesses - it comes in red, orange and green

We tried out the orange ones. When we first played them it was on a sunny day at Essendon Golf and Country Club and found the orange colour showed up superbly in flight. But the ball could be strangely hard to spot on the ground, particularly in light rough.

The next time we used them was in the early evening as the sun was getting low. This time we found the ball harder to spot in flight, but it shone like a beacon when on the ground.

The matte finish hides the appearance of the dimples and takes some getting used to.