Neil Tappin tests the Motocaddy Hydroflex stand bag to see whether the performance matches up to the premium price tag

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Motocaddy Hydroflex stand bag


  • Waterproof, lightweight and provides ample storage. Adapts easily for use on a trolley. Very comfortable to carry.


  • The premium price tag might be too much of a stretch for some.


Motocaddy Hydroflex Stand Bag


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Clubhouse Golf

Motocaddy Hydroflex Stand Bag Review

The Motocaddy Hydroflex bag is an ideal option for those golfers who sometimes carry, sometimes use a trolley and want one bag to use in both scenarios. 

From the off, we were impressed by how well-made this bag was. It is lightweight without being too flimsy and the styling is simple yet modern.

The waterproof fabric and well-designed zips offered plenty of protection from the wet (we poured a bottle of water over the pockets to check) and the stand provided good stability, even on quite severe slopes.

HydroFLEX bag waterproof

The pockets are generous in size offering ample storage space for anything you might want to carry with you. In fact, if using it on a trolley, you shouldn’t be giving up too much on this front versus the best cart bags built specifically to be used on a trolley.

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We also thought the number of pockets was just right – enough to segment the different things you might want to carry without making things too complicated.

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One of the most impressive features of this bag was the carry straps. We found it easy to find an ideal carrying position and with so much padding, it was very comfortable throughout the four-hour round we played. 

Motocaddy bag carrying

As you would expect, this bag fits neatly onto a Motocaddy trolley – it comes with Motocaddy’s Easilock screws that mean it can be fixed onto a Motocaddy trolley for a more secure ride. The carry straps can also easily be removed so they don’t get in the way when using it as a trolley bag.

Clearly this is a bag that has been designed by golfers, for golfers. It offered all the support we needed for transporting our equipment around the course without ever getting in the way. It does come with a premium price tag but with the Motocaddy Hydroflex, you get a high quality carry bag that can be used just as well on a trolley.


The Motocaddy HydroFlex is a premium golf bag that lives up to its price tag. It is light, easy to carry and offers enough storage space to carry anything you might need on the course. An ideal option for anyone who wants a stand bag that can also be used on a trolley.