This sturdy cart bag can hold a lot in its spacious pockets and it will keep it all dry for you. Yet this impressive bag also remains surprisingly light.

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Big Max Aqua Sport 3 Cart Bag


  • Extensive storage capacity. Fully waterproof. 14-way top ideal for those who like to separate each club.


  • Quite hard to manoeuvre bottle in and out of cooler pocket.


Big Max Aqua Sport 3 Cart Bag


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Big Max Aqua Sport 3 Cart Bag Review

Joel Tadman tests the Aqua Sport 3 cart bag out on the course at the stunning JCB Golf & Country Club

Two over-riding strengths of the Big Max Aqua Sport 3 cart bag are its extensive storage capacity and that it is waterproof.

There are ten pockets and some are deep. Perhaps even too deep on occasion.

If you forget what you did with your car keys, you might find yourself scrambling around in the nine pockets a couple of times (no need to search the dedicated battery pocket) for quite some time. They were typically in the ninth, or should that be the 18th, pocket that we tried.

Big Max Aqua Sport 3 cart bag

Our playing partners were most impressed with the zips though, saying how smoothly the pockets zipped and unzipped, unlike those on his own waterproof bag.

The bag, for something looking a touch heavy and cumbersome, is in fact neither. There is a solid handle three-quarters of the way up and a carrying loop at the bottom, and a hand hole at the top to allow you to manoeuvre the bag in and out of a car boot easily. There is also a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

The bag also weighs less than you may expect – at 2.4kg it compares well to those self-proclaimed lightweight carry bags at 2.2kg.

We used a hire trolley from the club – in other words, one which does not strap a bag onto the trolley – and the bag sat balanced happily on it all round without twisting or making bids for freedom.

The top has 15 dividers for clubs. One of these is oversize, for a putter or, it is suggested, possibly an umbrella. However there is also a loop system to carry the umbrella on the outside of the bag.

The cooler pocket was not the slickest to manoeuvre a bottle in and out of, which was our only criticism of the bag and a mild one at that.


The Big Max Aqua Sport 3 appears to have everything you would need from a cart bag – it is waterproof, practical and offers ample storage for equipment as well all the associated paraphernalia you may wish to carry.