Stuburt SS17 Apparel Review - Golf Monthly photographer Kevin Murray travelled to Ireland and magnificent Old Head Golf Club to test out the latest Stuburt apparel

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Overall rating:

Stuburt SS17 Apparel


  • Colouful but tasteful styling, nice mix of garments available. Very good value for money.


  • Initial signs suggest some products may struggle in the worst of the British weather.


Stuburt SS17 Apparel


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Clubhouse Golf

Stuburt SS17 Apparel Review

Tested By: Kevin Murray, hcp 8

Garments Tested:

Stuburt Hydro Sport Block polo – £24.99
Stuburt Vapour Casual Zip Neck sweater – £34.99
Stuburt Urban base layer – £24.99
Stuburt Vapour Half Zip waterproof jacket – £69.99


Kevin Murray SS17 Apparel



When I opened my delivery of Stuburt apparel I was actually pleasantly surprised with the design and the quality. The material felt premium and while I wouldn’t normally choose the style of gear I was given, everyone said it looked good. Having a traditional wooly sweater was a nice change to performance mid layers we see a lot of nowadays.


Generally the clothing fitted pretty well. The trousers caused the biggest problems in this area. Although the legs were the right length they were always loose around the waist and they kept riding low, causing my shirt to untuck when bending down to tee a ball up or mark it on the green. The rest of the garments fitted well, not too loose or tight without being clingy.


The materials were generally soft to touch and comfortable to wear in varying weather conditions. The extra material in the arm which has a thumb loop at the bottom, made it more difficult to put on and I found this feature quite annoying.


There was some water that got through to my mid layer during the terrible rain we played in at Old Head but it performed better than I expected. The wooly mid layer kept me nice and warm while the jacket repelled the majority of the heavy rain we encountered.


Overall, the performance experienced with Stuburt apparel was excellent given the modest price tag. If you want an outfit that looks good but doesn’t cost the earth, Stuburt is a brand that should be on your radar.