Ping Norse Primaloft Jacket II Review - Joel Tadman gives his review on Ping's new Norse Primaloft Jacket II.

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Ping Norse Primaloft Jacket II


  • Ample protection from the cold, wind and rain in all but the heaviest of downpours. Subtle, stylish modern looks and a snug, modern fit. Superb.


  • Cuffs are a touch on the loose side. Material quite course and loud during the swing.


Ping Norse Primaloft Jacket II


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Ping Norse Primaloft Jacket II Review

Key Technology

  • A jacket with PrimaLoft Silver Active Insulation throughout delivers a lightweight, high-performing thermal insulation with water-resistant technology, resulting in exceptional warmth, even when wet.
  • Combining this with a breathable, stretch outer fabric creates a jacket offering optimum performance in the colder months, on and off the course.
  • Also comes in a reversible vest version with an RRP of £110. More details on both can be found here.

Subtle but modern, and the pattern on the front adds an element of shelf appeal, but this jacket really lets the performance do the talking. If you try it on, you’ll struggle not to reach for your wallet.

GM Verdict
To keep playing during the colder months, you need a reliable outer layer that will not only keep you warm but also have a selection of other features that maximise comfort and playability. The new Ping Norse Primaloft Jacket II provides this in abundance.

Its primary purpose is to keep the cold at bay and it does this admirably, the thick material creating an effective barrier by keeping the air inside warmed by your body in while letting sweat escape. Golfers will be relieved to hear it does this without adding excess bulk that can restrict your swing.

The stretchy outer fabric also repels water incredibly well, leaving no trace of moisture behind, so there’s no need to switch into a fully waterproof jacket during a passing shower. On the whole it fits well, too, thanks to the drawstring at the waist and the snug fit.

Zipped pockets provide a place for your hands to keep warm when waiting to putt out on the green, the double-zip is a useful feature and we really like the low-profile design of the collar, helping to minimise contact with your neck, and therefore distractions, when making a swing.

The cuffs could have been made tighter – they tend to move up and down quite a lot – and the material is a touch on the coarse side, meaning it can be quite loud during motion, but these are very minor qualms.


The vest is also a thoughtful piece, ideal for slightly milder days when there’s still a nip in the air. It has zipped pockets and is reversible too, essentially giving you to garments in one – boosting the value on offer.


This is a highly functional, versatile and stylish golf jacket that is suitable in a variety of typically British conditions, adding value for money should you make the investment.