Peter Millar Camo Jacquard Perth Performance Pullover

Our verdict on the Camo Pullover from Peter Millar.

(Image credit: Peter Millar)
Golf Monthly Verdict

Peter Millar is a brand synonymous with high-quality and this pullover has unquestionably continued that trend. Stylish, comfortable and versatile, it does everything a good pullover should.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Comfortable, breathable and it looks great.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Limited colour choice

In this review Sam Tremlett gives his thoughts on the Peter Millar Camo Pullover.

Peter Millar Camo Jacquard Perth Performance Pullover

Some days on the golf course can be difficult not only from a playing standpoint, but also in terms of the weather. One particular issue golfers have to deal with is when it is too warm to wear a proper jacket, or a sweater, but also too cold to just don the polo. 

This is where the Peter Millar Camo Jacquard Perth Performance Pullover comes in because it works in a variety of conditions.

Despite the thin feel of the fabric, we found it to be excellent at keeping the body warm on slightly chilly mornings, but as the temperature started to get higher throughout the day, it can also keep you cool and comfortable too thanks to the breathability on offer. 

The fabric, because of the polyester and spandex blend, felt light and soft on the skin, not to mention also stretchy too which was ideal for the physical movement of the golf swing. This extra give in the fabric was particularly useful because it seemed the garment tailored itself to the shape of the body giving a snug fit. The banded cuffs and hem were two features our tester particularly liked in this regard. 

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We also loved the looks too. The camo design has become all the rage of late and this pullover finds a way of incorporating it, and yet still remaining understated and classy. Sometimes camo finishes can go over the top but this top implemented the modern look perfectly.

The navy colourway looked very nice indeed and you can also get the pullover in blue sea or grey colourways as well, but we do wish more colours were available. 

This can be forgotten about in reviews sometimes but we also found it very easy to clean on a cold wash too!

Given the overall performance of the pullover, we think there is excellent value to be had here especially when you consider it can be worn just about anywhere.