Sam Tremlett gives his review of this polo from Peter Millar.

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Peter Millar Ace Cotton Blend Pique Polo Shirt


  • Comfortable, lightweight and it can be worn just about anywhere.


  • Premium price may put some off


Peter Millar Ace Cotton Blend Pique Polo


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Clubhouse Golf

Peter Millar Ace Cotton Blend Pique Polo

One of the most important aspects of a good golfing outfit is the polo shirt. Nowadays not only does it have to be able to deal with hot and cold conditions, but it should also be breathable, comfortable and help out with sweat. Not to mention it should allow the player to be unhampered during the golf swing, and look good too. 

All of this can be a difficult balance to achieve but one polo that finds a way to do so is the Ace Cotton Blend Pique Polo from Peter Millar.

Part of the Crown Crafted range, which seeks to blend cutting edge materials and luxury fabrics, the polo is constructed with a super-soft blend of cotton, polyester and spandex fabrics which allows it to feel extremely light and breathable on the skin. 

Additionally it offered the right amount of stretch and comfort that it did not hamper the golf swing regardless of the shot being played. 

It stayed nicely tucked in throughout too which we liked, especially given how annoying it can be to constantly have to tuck an untucked polo in. 

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Speaking about the looks, in the lineup of current Peter Millar polo shirts, it is very understated which we appreciated given we were pairing it with the Peter Millar Camo Jacquard Perth Performance Pullover, a top that has a stylish and modern design. 

Back to the Ace polo, it comes in five lovely colours and one thing we should note is how versatile it is. Our tester not only tested it on the golf course but also off it too and the results were positive. 

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Admittedly the polo comes in at a premium price point but given the overall performance, and added versatility of being able to use it just about anywhere, we do think there is value on offer here


A premium polo that looks stylish and versatile. Comfortable, lightweight, and breathable performance also comes from the high-quality construction.